Thursday, October 18, 2012

**Insert Smile Here**

Due to incremant weather (aka: pouring rain, 46 degrees and 50mph wind gusts), my BO thought it best to keep the indoor/turnout ponies, indoor today. She's one smart cookie.

Besides the morning turnout time they spent roaming about the indoor arena while she was cleaning stalls, I went in the early afternoon to make sure Rigsby had some additional excercise. It was a very successful endevor.

We worked on-line for about 1/2 hour, going over poles at a walk and trot, making turns around barrels and working on bending exercises. He was respectful of my space, forward and a very willing learner. There was tons of lip licking from him, and lots of terrible singing from me. He rewarded me at the end of our lesson by going for a grand roll, and I rewarded him for a job well done with a big basket of fresh picked grass, a 20 minute session with the curry comb and some deep leg massages.

We are definitely on The Golden Pathway!

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