Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hazy Shade of Winter....

Today I finally threw in the towel on keeping Rigsby on 24/7 turnout. The wind in North Dakota is just too much for him. Even with his blanket, if he was exposed to the wind he kept a slight hum of a shiver going. I know he was in no danger to the cold, but he's burning up all the hard fought calories I've put in him. After a few random late night visits, I noticed that he spends most of his nights in the lean-to, out of the wind and away from the hay. Well, if he's doing to sit in the shed all night, he might as well be in a warm comfortable stall where he can be nekkid, within sight of two of his other herdmates; with hay in front of him at all times. Sounds like a game plan to me!

Winter Feed Program: He's now getting a chunk of alfalfa, and I'm replacing his 1/2 lb Equine Jr ration, with Senior feed, for the extra calories.
Thanks for the grub. Is it time to go in yet?

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