Monday, November 5, 2012

Dry Land Is A Myth...

How long does it have to be "winter" before I'm allowed to gripe about the weather?

It's been 5 days. That's long enough.

Now, although this may not look that bad, and yes I know it could be (and will get) 100x worse; but please allow me to read between the lines, and explain the weather you DON'T see.

Monday: Sun/Rain. Ummmm...bullshit. There has been no sun all day. It's dreary and raining. Oh, did I mention the wind? Yeah, it's blowing out of the south at a balmy 25+mph.

Tomorrow: Sunny/43 degrees. Ummmm...I'm already calling bullshit. Will it be sunny? Maybe. Will it hit 43 degrees? Maybe. Will the horses be able to frolik in their mud wrestling pit nekkid? Very unlikely. Why? Because that Sunny/43 degree day will very likely be accompanied by todays 25+mph winds, making it around 19 degrees with the windchill.

The wind here is what gets to me. I can handle the bitter cold, the snow, the rain and the heat; but the wind makes everything that is already a challenge, absolutely miserable. Now, I didn't mind it so much in the peak of summer when it was 90+degrees and it blew away the humidity; but now I'd like it to fuck right off and not come back until July.

Knowing I have zero chance of that happening, I will now end my gripe, and move onto the better news.

Today Rigsby and I braved the wind and rain and hit the muddy field for some trot sets. This is the part where I love having an Arab. Being bred for war and companionship, they are down for pretty much anything Life throws at them.
It really started to pour as soon as I pulled him from the field, so I kept his blanket on (mental note to self: order a lightweight rain coat for these days). The muck was very hard going for me, so he didn't have to work up much of a sweat. He was as forward and willing as ever. When we turned around at the top of the hill to return home, he was nowhere near feeling the workout (I'll probably never use the word 'tired', as it's nearly impossible to wear an Arabian out, especially on foot), so I thought we'd try doing a few trot sets on the way home.

Bad idea.

He took off LIKE A SHOT. Luckily, all those bending exercises I've done paid off, and I was able to slow him before I was walking home solo. Although, I think that might have had been better, because then I wouldn't have had to bear witness to his disdainful looks all the way home about having to WALK, and have to explain to him that I can't run 30mph. After a hundred feet or so of dancing and sidestepping, he settled back into his springy, relaxed walk. Not bad for a 2yr old. **insert heart icon here**

After our workout, I brought him into the barn for a chunk of alfalfa and gave his legs a good scrubbing, then returned him to his paddock. I'll go back tonight around 11pm, to put in the mental work of stretching and transitions in the indoor. And just let him mozy around nekkid, with solid footing under his feet. I'm sure he's dying for a good roll!

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