Monday, November 5, 2012

Chasing The Dream: Breeders' Cup Moments....

Everyone has a favorite cause. Some folks like feeding starving children, some are into civil rights, some like to save cats. Mine is the Horse. I could never own/run a rescue, because I'd probably end up like one of those hoarders that authorities take horses AWAY from, so instead I donate undescribable amounts of my money to reputable rescues like ReRun, Old Friends, Beyond The Roses and Pure Thoughts. This cause is what's inspiring me to write this post tonight.

I set my alarm for Midnight, to wake up and make a last minute bid on the Da Hoss "Moneigh" on Ebay; to raise money for ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption. After seeing that the bid has been considerably upped...

...I decided to watch his 1998 BC Mile race for the 1327th time, to remind myself again, why I want this so badly. In doing so, I set into motion, another 50 minutes of watching past BC highlights, and that inspired me to write this post tonight.

I think this is all related to my blog, because a huge percentage of our Event horses came from, or were bred for the race track. So, to pass the time until I can bid on my the Moneigh, I've compiled a list of my top BC moments. I hope you enjoy them, they come from my heart. Oh, and I'll let you know if I won the Moneigh.

Uncle Mo.
What a war face!!!

**insert huge heart icon here**

(If you had to ask...)

This one is especially close to my heart. Sadly, he was euthanized a couple years later, after an ill-fated race.
R.I.P. Champ.

My first love.


I don't care what the haters say. In those final strides he dug in, ducked down and legitimately beat the greatest mare ever to race on American soil.

Da Hoss
(And inspiration for this post)
Awesome Tribute To Da Hoss  (grab your tissues)

Sunday Silence
You know you're a race fan when you have this race call memorized...

Can I get a drum roll please....

My top Breeders' Cup moment of all time is...

With my friend, the late Tim "Tiznow" Reynolds; his biggest fan.

The date was 10/26/01. Less than two months after 9/11, in the battleground of New York; Tiznow set out to defend his 2000 BC Classic championship. In the final furlong, as he battled the Saudi-owned colt Sakhee, Tiznow wasn't just running for his fans; he was running for his Country. Still have those tissues? 

My heart will forever belong, to the Thoroughbred race horse.

By the way, I won my Moneigh. :)

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